Provider Seminar: Racial Disparities in Maternity Care

Come join the discussion about how you can help save women and infants of color in our local community. Most of us are aware that black mama's and babies are dying at alarming rates in our great nation. While there are many various models of care, most are tailored for metropolitan areas. We have to adapt our care to meet the needs of Oklahoma's widely dispersed population.


The CDC states-

In 2015, infant mortality rates were higher for non-Hispanic black infants (11.3), American Indian/Alaska Native infants (8.3), and Hispanic infants (5.0), compared with non-Hispanic white infants (4.9).

Considerable racial disparities in pregnancy-related mortality exist. During 2011–2013, the pregnancy-related mortality ratios were–

  • 12.7 deaths per 100,000 live births for white women.

  • 43.5 deaths per 100,000 live births for black women.

As healthcare providers it is our responsibility to keep up with current research. This seminar, however, is not about research. Our focus will be on implementing change, right here, in Oklahoma. Join us to find out what you can do, to change your world.

Martin Luther King Jr. did not march alone. It takes a village!

click the link below for tickets and more info

Provider Seminar: Racial Disparities in Maternity Care

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