Giving Mamas and Babies a Better Breastfeeding Experience



My doctor referred me to Montika for her services, and I am grateful to her for it. With issues such as tongue and lip ties and low milk supply, my breastfeeding journey has been a challenging one, and I have required specialized and continuous support. Montika has offered that with expertise and compassion. There is much to appreciate about the care she provides, but a few things that especially stand out are her holistic treatment approach, her provision of in-home services--Who can take a baby with feeding issues to appointments all the time?!--her position as a NICU nurse, her responsiveness--She even came to help me on Father's Day!--and most importantly, her concern for ME, as well as for the breastfeeding relationship.


Meeting Montika has truly Been a God send. After 4 weeks of repeated doctor visits to check my sweet newborn boys weight i hit a brick wall. The Doctor couldn't tell me why my little one was losing weight instead of gaining. Montika came to my home and within minutes was able to determine he was tongue tied and lip tied. She got the ball rolling for us in the right direction. She in essence saved my Boy from starvation and got me directed to the Dr in OKC for the revision and to the body workers and chiropractor in Tulsa. She has kept in touch with me every few days and has given me so much support and guidance to help me save my breastfeeding experience. I highly recommend her and her services.


Montica was amazing!! I used her in-home lactation services and she was worth every penny!! She is completely dedicated to helping you and baby become successful at breastfeeding!! She was extremely easy to contact and always made a point to quickly return phone calls (even if it was after a full shift at her other job!!) I had a premature baby that was started on a bottle at the hospital. Montika helped me successfully navigated issues and I now have a healthy breastfeeding machine!! She brings a scale to every visit to make sure that the baby is on track and quickly sends email reports that thoughly highlight each session. I would definitely recommend Montika to anyone who is having issues breastfeeding. Using her words she is a 'cheerleader' for moms and won't let you give up!! I can't say enough! Thanks for everything!


I contacted Montika because I was having SO much pain it was so unbearable, I was pumping and bottle feeding. She helped us with some positions which has definitely helped the pain until we can get to see who we need to for his suspected tongue/lip ties. She also gave us some exercises to do to help. I have TMJ and chronic migraines and she even showed me one of the exercises for TMJ that we do on our little guy and when she was done I felt so much better. She is so caring and wants to help. She has definitely helped send us in the right direction.


There aren't adequate words to describe what a blessing it's been to have Montika in our corner. Our newborn had a prominent tongue tie, lip tie and two buccal ties, and we had her revised at six days old. After a frustrating month of working to correct her latch, Montika was recommended to us and made time to come see us the day after I called. We are still working to get my daughter's latch where it needs to be, but things have improved tremendously thanks to the help of Montika. She truly cares about her patients. She is super encouraging, very available and easy to get a hold of, follows up after each visit, and is patient to thoroughly answer all of my questions and listen to my many concerns. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to nursing challenges and babies with ties. If she doesn't know the answer, she will quickly find out! Montika is very dedicated to helping her client find solutions to their problems, overcome challenges and achieve breastfeeding goals. I can't recommend her enough!!!


I was very determined to be a breastfeeding mother. However, my experience for the first 6 weeks was less than ideal. I visited numerous times my daughter's pediatrician, and 3 lactation consultants trying to figure out why my daughter and I were having such a rough time at this. No one seemed to understand my struggle and they simply would direct me to supplement or switching to formula. Finally when I was about to give up, I was introduced to Montika. Right away, she engaged in my struggle, and she made me feel that What I was going through was not normal issues with breastfeeding. She came to my house, and provided me with cultural sensitive services. She adapted her tips and suggestions for what I needed. She provided me with so much support in terms of ideas of reaching better sleep for both my baby and me. In addition, she referred me to another specialist due to suspecting of tongue/lip tied. Sure enough my baby had them. Now we are on the road of recovery. Montika has been a blessing for my family. She checked on us constantly, always proving us with support and great knowledge. If you are struggling like I was for weeks and weeks without anyone paying attention to your struggles. I will recommend calling Montika, she is the best!

Montika knew exactly what to say when I needed it most: you're going to make it. When one is struggling with breastfeeding, it's easy to feel like things will never get better. Montika was there for us, to provide professional, knowledgeable and compassionate consultation: patiently answering questions, with thoughtful explanations. She obviously pours tremendous energy and focus into her work! Highly recommend.


Montika is definitely worth the travel to Tulsa! She is extremely thorough and really showed me how to properly latch my girls. She has been able to help us in ways no one else has!


I have put numerous of my home birth clients in touch with Montika when they are experiencing breast feeding struggles postpartum. She is always so quick to respond and is so helpful and available no matter how long it takes to get to the solution of the issue. She is knowledgeable and very compassionate. I'm so glad for her expertise in our community !! <3 


Working with Montika after the birth of my LO, was such a blessing. From day one we were having latching issues. We made the decision to have Montika do a home visit in hopes of figuring out what we could do differently. That day Montika noticed a tongue and lip tie. She gave great advice and referrals. My husband and I took her advice, got her into a chiropractor for bodywork, got an evaluation done by Dr. Coleman in OKC and got both revisions done. Here we are 4 months later, at 6 months old nursing with no end in sight. I would have completely given up breastfeeding if it were not for the support of Montika in the hospital and once we got home. I gave myself every reason why it was "okay" to stop. I look back at our journey and I am counting our blessings! Thank you Montika!