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Lactation Consulting

Holistic, fuctional and integrative lactation care.

We offer in-home, in-office or virtual breastfeeding consultations.

Body work

A gentle approach to helping the body heal itself from physical injury (including traumatic birth experiences for infants).

Breastfeeding education

All the information you need for nursing your baby effectively.


Montika Collins, MA, BS, BSN, RN, CLC, IBCLC

"Are you concerned about a possible tongue-tie? Is your baby suffering from reflux, colic, or slow weight gain? Helping mama's and babies figure out their own breastfeeding dance is my favorite thing to do. The sound of precious little swallows warms my heart. However, it's not always cute coos and milky smiles, is it ladies? Sometimes there are tears and lots of them. That's okay. Breastfeeding is a learned dance specific to each family.  Being in your home we can process through those tears. Never rushed, I give mama and baby the time they need for diaper changes, teaching, soothing, and a full feed (or two). If there is the possibility of an oral restriction, I have the experience and extra training to properly assess and manage tongue ties and oral rehabilitation. I offer quality, expertise, and loving service for all my families."

- Montika

Dania Patton,CLC

Dania is a wife and mother of 4 from Tampa, Florida, but currently resides in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Even before having children of her own, the journey of pregnancy, and caring for friends and family during their pregnancies was something she truly enjoyed. Whether by attending appointments, coordinating baby showers, preparing meals after the baby arrived, or babysitting sweet babies so their mamas could have a break. She considered becoming an ARNP in Obstetrics but had a hard time with having to conform to some modern medical practices and the “by the book” approach to pregnancy and birth. 


It was until after having her own children and experiencing birth trauma with her first son, and the lack of breastfeeding support that she knew she had to do something to help other mothers. She met Montika in 2016, during her second pregnancy, and this was a life-changing moment. Montika helped prepare her for breastfeeding and shared some education on what to expect. She was also able to work through latch difficulties, and pumping to prepare for working to work. Dania was able to breastfeed her daughter until she was 9 months, which was a tremendous victory considering her first attempt only lasted weeks. Her third pregnancy and breastfeeding were a breeze. Her now 3-year-old is still nursing now whenever the mood strikes him.


Her fourth baby, although unexpected, was the one that truly opened the door for her to step into her purpose. She was so blessed to have midwives with this pregnancy, which created such a beautiful relationship and then the beginning of mentorship. Her breastfeeding journey began with many difficulties that included lip and tongue tie, shallow latch, painful nursing, and slow weight gain for the baby. With the amazing support, and education from Montika, and tie revision of her midwives, she was able to push through and develop a healthy latch and successful weight gain for her baby. Despite the hardships she experienced, Dania was able to complete her Certified Lactation Counselor course and pass her CLC exam. She has now joined the Innovations Breastfeeding family and is running the Florida office on the Treasure Coast, in Port St. Lucie. She also works with her midwives as a birth assistant and is a future midwife. 

Nursing Newborn


Montika started working with my daughter when she was just 2 weeks old due to her inability to properly latch at the breast and having colic. Montika helped her get a better latch through the use of body work and cranial sacral fascia therapy. My daughter had her tongue and lip ties lasered 4 weeks ago. Montika visits us 2-3 times a week now and helps us with oral exercises and stretches to insure the integrity of the procedure. I HIGHLY recommend Innovations Lactation and Breastfeeding service to for any baby who struggles with feedings, has colic, difficulty napping, or reflux issues. Montika has helped my daughter so much with her natural instinct with babies. We have seen a huge improvement in my daughter’s overall demeanor: she is less fussy at the breast, has a better latch, is more relaxed, sleeps better, and is overall much happier. We no longer feel like our baby is suffering, and we are thrilled with the results we are seeing. - Lori Bates

Montika was a literal life-saver for my youngest child. He was not gaining weight and had literally fallen off the growth chart. I had supply issues for the first time (he is my fourth child). I was overwhelmed and so worried. After my first *two hour* in-home consultation, I felt hopeful. This appointment was just after my son’s two month well check - where the doctor was very concerned - and pushing more formula- which he was throwing up and would run out of the sides of his mouth when taking a bottle. He was in the 1st percentile for weight. After working with Montika- having a tie release surgery, getting connected with another mom for donor milk, he was in the 12th percentile for weight at his four month checkup and the pediatrician was astonished. She said- “This can’t be the same baby!” And not only that, but Montika worked with me to help my supply so that my little guy could eventually depend on my milk alone! I’m a skeptic by nature and I do not write reviews often, but I cannot recommend Montika enough. If you are concerned about your infant or your milk supply, she is the person to see! Follow your gut and get the support you need! - Sara Morton